A Complete Solution

The BlackIce Basel Solution for Vietnam is a complete end-to-end solution, enabling financial institutions to meet SBV compliance and effectively manage risk and capital.

Industry Tested

Building a custom solution in-house or using a vendor requires time and effort, having to start from the ground up. The BlackIce solution is already working inside a leading Vietnamese bank.

All You Will Need

Other large vendors offer solutions that are ‘black boxes’, closed, requiring costly license fees and consulting engagements to customize and implement for Vietnam.

Customized for Vietnam

Vietnam has the unique distinction of being one of the first jurisdictions in the world to adopt ‘Revised Standardized’ for its Basel guidance. The BlackIce solution has been fully customized to support this front runner of evolving Basel regulations.

Flexible and Future Proof

The BlackIce solution is custom built specifically to State Bank of Vietnam guidance. It’s open design, parameter based methodology and flexibility easily supports all future changes to SBV guidance.

Internationally Compliant

The BlackIce solution fully supports SBV guidance in particular and BCBS principles in general, having been developed adhering to industry best practices.


The BlackIce solution is built on the latest technology and operates ‘in-database’, ensuring data reliability, timeliness, availability and accessibility.


Our goal is to ensure SBV Basel Compliance for your financial institution within 1 year of beginning the BlackIce Basel implementation process. We provide all of the tools and training necessary for the knowledge transfer required to implement a comprehensive Basel program at your bank. Our solution fully incorporates all SBV Basel guidelines and its open flexible design ensures easy and effective maintenance should SBV guidance change anytime in the future. The BlackIce CAR/RWA Calculator methodology wholly supports ‘Standardized’, ‘Revised Standardized’, FIRB and AIRB or any combination thereof.




Please download our educational resources, to gain a deeper understanding of our solution and offering, as well as valuable information for any financial institution embarking on their Basel journey.

Basel II Overview


Basel II Roadmap


Basel Data Governance


Corporate Governance


Control Framework


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Our Vietnam office is located in central Hanoi. To learn more or schedule a demonstration please drop us a note or give a call.